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Psychological, Sydney city, Town Hall

Our psychologists are registered by The Department of Health

The senior psychologist Mr Hamid Reza DADGOSTAR (right picture) is a registered Psychologist with a Master's degree is running a successful practice in  the Sydney CBD for the past 15 years while he is registered with Department of health for public safety also accredited by Medicare Australia, he provides psychological services in three languages : English, Persian, and French. fluently

Hamid is also  active in  promotion of mental health in rural communities over Australia and has a kin interest in immigrant population and in particular international students while supporting all activities in promotion of suicide prevention on many different levels.

HDP  is committed to advance psychology as a discipline/ profession spreading the message that psychologists make a serious and long lasting difference in people's lives, through improving  mental health over all well-being and improving scientific knowledge in view of advancing humanity works on understanding important social issues facing our contemporary society and contributes to community well-being by promoting access to better health care and evidence-based treatments/support and education.

Rhonda Debney registered psychologist
Above: Ms Rhonda Debney, Registered psychologist  with a Master's degree. She is accredited by Medicare Australia, and is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS). Furthermore, she has past experience as a Neurological Teacher Consultant in Psychiatric Disabilities and a strong advocate for disadvantaged comunities on many platforms within the comunity. 

To the right is Ms Mercy Chen counsellor and Chinese international students liaison and media adviser PHD candidate at University of NSW with a honours degree in psychology from republic of China she is actively engaged to address all issues concerning Chinese international students within the Australian Chinese community and she also advocates for this vulnerable population due to extra layer of stress  as its hard enough to be a student and harder to be an international student specially from such a different culture where perceived isolation by youngsters can lead to devastating consequences if not approached early enough such as severe anxiety depression and possible self-harm and suicide, Ms Chen is heavily involved in reducing such bad outcomes by engaging local Chinese media and community