HD Psychology   


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Our psychological practice in Sydney provides quality Anger Management support group workshops and individual counseling which will help clients to successfully develop and employ the skills required to better function as an individual and within society. We will provide a counseling environment where treatment options specifically relating to the clients’ difficulties can be explored and implemented. 

The provision of psychological support is an excellent method to facilitate positive change within the individual, and to rehabilitate clients into the wider community. 

Our psychologists have a thorough experience in assessing and counseling individuals suffering from various psychological issues. These programs would be beneficial for clients who have experienced problems in their lives due to anger management issues, impulsive behaviour, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. 

The workshops will teach clients how to recognise the triggers of anger, how to change maladaptive cognitions, develop improved methods of coping with stressful or anger inducing situations, and develop adaptive problem-solving skills. In addition, the Drug and Alcohol Abstinence program will also aim to significantly reduce clients’ dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. 

Individual sessions will allow for focused quality counseling and the development/implementation of a treatment plan that directly targets clients’ specific psychological issues.