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HD Psychologists - Anger Management, Sydney

Anger is a normal human emotion, and when it is managed properly it is not a problem, but if anger is expressed in harmful ways, or persists over a long period of time, then it can lead to serious issues with relationships, and can cause other psychological issues which can negatively impact your life.

Excessive anger can lead to other issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, alienation, and depression. In some cases, anger can lead to violence and other forms of abuse if not properly controlled. Anger becomes a problem when it creates trouble for you with your relationships, your work, your health, day to day living, or the law. In these cases it is important to seek professional intervention in order to assist with anger management.

Anger management revolves around understanding your anger and why it occurs. It is about learning and practicing better ways of expressing your anger, and knowing how to prevent it from occurring or getting out of hand.

At HD Psychologists, we treat excessive levels of anger in individual and group therapy sessions.