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HD Psychologists - Child Psychologist, Sydney

Early Intervention Matters

HD Psychologists early intervention for children and families aims to provide a mental health check-up by:

  • Identifying mild mood disorders (anxiety and depression), and self-harm and intervene before they become a big problem.
  • Developing social competencies and resilience   
  • Increasing engagement of parents by working with parents to effectively support their child’s mental health
  • Providing a targeted face-to-face professional early intervention/prevention program to address the issues before they become a problem
  • Working with children who have a disability to achieve their optimum potential by using evidence-based assessments and intervention and making appropriate referrals where necessary

Services such as Headspace, and the National Youth Mental Health Foundation have identified early preventative interventions that can prevent many of the problems experienced later in life. It is, however, not always easy to know what your children are thinking or experiencing.

HD Psychologists are trained to identify early preventative interventions to assist pre-school teachers, teachers, children and young people's parents to prevent many of the problems experienced later in life.

Emotional distress affects children and young people’s wellbeing, educational achievements, development, happiness  and resilience (their ability to bounce back, foster happy relationships and enjoy life).  Mental Health issues such as anxiety, depression and self-harm behaviours do have significant negative impact on children and young people’s lives.  The impact of such stresses can be significantly reduced or prevented with timely psychological interventions. These issues have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people, including their educational, development and wellbeing outcomes.

To support pre-schools, school communities and parents to effectively identify and respond to the mental health needs of children and young people hrd Psychologists have developed a service aimed at enhancing the mind functioning of children and young people and to assist parents, carers and teachers to identify and manage issues as they arise.