HD Psychology   


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HD Psychologists - Asperger's Syndrome enthusiasts specialist in   Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Sydney City, CBD

HD psychology  has an special interest in supporting adults presenting with Asperger Syndrome also known as Autism spectrum we also have a consumer focused approach treating all psychological issues of emotional, behavioural concerns. We aim to change unhealthy thinking patterns (automatic or habitual), feelings, and behaviours. In some instances we apply CBT technique and other approaches such as  

: Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Commitment, Behaviour Activation, Systematic Desensitisation CBT (for Phobias and Panic Attacks), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (for post traumatic stress disorder PTSD), Positive Psychology, and Relapse Prevention (for Addiction) Motivational interviewing.