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HD Psychology, - Fees, Medicare & other rebates for Therapy, Counselling, & Psychotherapy

You don't need a referral to see our Sydney Psychologists.

However, with an appropriate referral from  a GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician, you will be able to receive a rebate starting from $84.8 and may increase for patients on the Medicare Safety Net Program to almost entirety of the fee.

Currently, our fees stand at $300 or less depending on income sliding scale to bulk-billing , for first session that lasts for 50+ minutes and the subsequent sessions will be assessed on a sliding scale 

Fees for psychological assessment reports vary depending on the complexity of the situation . Fees will be discussed upon inquiry.

We also do Bulk billing for anyone experiencing serious financial difficulties such as unemployment, pensioners on low income, and low income individuals and families.

Medicare and health insurance rebates are available; however, you will need to consult your insurance company to find out the level of cover that you may have for psychology, as each insurance company has its own system.

To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you should ask your GP, paediatrician, or psychiatrist for a referral. The most common referral is from your GP. It is called “GP’s Mental Health Care Plan”.

What is involved in a GP Mental Health Care Plan?
In order for a GP to refer a client for psychological services under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, the GP must first complete a detailed assessment and diagnosis of the client. The GP must then prepare the GP Mental Health Care Plan, which includes documenting results of the assessment, client's needs, goals and actions, referrals and required treatment/services, and a review date. There is no particular form that is used for preparing the Mental Health Care Plan. Clients are encouraged to book a longer session with their GP if they are requesting a referral for psychological services, in order to enable the GP to complete the assessment and GP Mental Health Care Plan.

Further information on the GP Mental Health Care Plan is available from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing