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HD Psychologists, Sydney CBD - Immigration reports

HD Psychologists immigration reports

HD Psychologists has been actively engaged in assessing Australian visa applicants for many different types of visas for over a Decade, and we take pride in knowing what it takes to manage  and construct a psychological assessment of an applicant for the purpose of facilitating the production of a visa by the authorities.

Our psychological assessment reports for immigration purposes  are coming from many different sources, including (but not limited to):     

International students, marital/ partnership sponsored visa where one of the parties must leave Australia to apply from overseas, abused married/ Defacto individual, protection visa for mentally stressed due to veriest reasons.

Hamid has worked in an immigration detention centre in Sydney and is highly aware of the sensitivity of the issue first hand and has a keen interest to assist all those suffering mental health issues from abuse caused by immigration detention centres, and to assist others in not becoming victims of the regime by providing a good psychological assessment and appropriate advice to shed a good light on their psychological circumstances.

Psychologist Sydney CBD Therapist immigration reports

Psychologist Sydney CBD Therapist immigration reports