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HD Psychologists International Student Reports

HD Psychologists has been actively engaged in advocating for International students in several ways.

At HD Psychologists, we have been at the forefront of international students’ mental health in Sydney for over a decade. We are respected by the industries and the authorities both in educational institutions and the government bodies in charge of these affairs.

At HD Psychologists we have been addressing issues faced by International students for over a decade, and we continue to advocate for the psychological wellbeing of international students in many ways. We offer counselling for their mental health and, should there be a need, we are here to present their mental health state to an educational institution or the immigration department. 

Initially we came to understand that international students living in Sydney had to cope with an extra layer of stress in comparison to local students. International students not only have to deal with the study requirements and demands of their future qualifications, they also have to deal with a new culture, language and the isolation that comes with being away from their loved ones and those who usually support them during hard times. For an international student, things are not as straightforward as they could be; they may have fallen into a bad accommodation, or have lost a loved one back at home, they may be victim of crime, or lost a very important relationship. There are many problems faced by International Students, and our psychological practice in Sydney is devoted to help with those problems.

Often International students are not always aware of the delicate situation they may find themselves in. In a case of moderate Depression or Anxiety, usually back in their own country, students would approach family members and friends for consolation. In Sydney, however, students find themselves in a foreign land without such support. The unfamiliar environment can lead to confusion and mismanagement of certain situations, in this case, depression, anxiety and/or other related mental health disorders/issues/difficulties can come into play.

The usual consequences of International Students mismanaging their mental health state can include bad academic progress or extended absence without any record of their recent battle with these debilitating mental health issues. Students are simply not aware of the support network that is available to them in Sydney. Consequently they suffer in silence until there is an inquiry to their whereabouts by their educational institution or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) otherwise known as the Immigration Department, because of this Bad Academic Progress.

At HD Psychologists we noticed that at this crucial point students’ stress levels and depression symptoms increase greatly as they are going to face serious consequences. The initial stress they were under meets with this new element of being threatened with their expulsion from the course or the revocation of their student visa.

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At this point, our detailed assessment of their mental health state and what has been happening in their life to get them to this point will be conducted. All parties involved will be informed by our findings and of the remediation needed to get the international student back on their feet and back on their educational trajectory. These students previously and during the time of their depression did not see any doctors and therefore don't have any proof of their mental health issues. With our initial psychological assessment they will be able to demonstrate the reason to why they were not able to attend their school or failed the expected academic progress.

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